Skydancers are a dynamic promotional tool with a proven track record for attracting crowds!

Easy to use and fun to watch, the unique dancing motion of Skydancers creates excitement and attracts attention to your business, special occasion, sale or expo to greatly increase sales!

When you want to Stand out in the Crowd and capture the attention of prospective clients, you need dynamic Skydancers. Available in a huge range of colours, our animated, active-motion Skydancers easily create excitement and entertain crowds as people are drawn to your business by the novelty of the Skydancers.


The Skydancers are a real eye catcher, I'll be making them a permanent part of my advertising artillerySean, Domino's Pizza

The Skydancers have been absolutely fantastic! The kids loved them and so did the staff! They helped to create a friendly atmosphere. They were a huge hit. Andrew Quinn, St Joseph's College.

The Queensland Reds Skydancers are great! Very effective. The kids especially love them!Glenn, BMA Event Group

The Skydancers were awesome! It was just like the street party in the Tooheys ad. Thanks heaps!Peter  Crawshaw, Adelaide.